our story

We're a family run, small business growing sea moss. We take pride in sourcing the highest quality sea products for our customers. Our mission is to provide you with the healthiest organic sea foods possible!👉🏼 We may be small but we believe in making an impact and providing the highest quality ingredients to our customers. 💡Our story began with the fear of our men and women living in a world filled with environmental problems. To solve this problem,, we decided to create more awareness in communities through sea moss and contributing to the livelihood of everyones health. 

Our products

Holey moley, our sea moss smoothie is so fresh and delicious. You can't find anything like it anywhere else. Rich in protein. More i energy  than a cup of coffee, but also extremely filling; more so than any other smoothie out there. This is the ultimate smoothie.

our mission

We at ultimate sea moss have discovered a new way to a healthier lifestyle is through sea moss: making it cheaper to use for the benefit of mankind. Our mission is to make sea moss accessible to the world that needs it and support people care about the environment

Online Based

Ultimate Sea Moss is an online based sea moss business available for purchase. For a healthier lifestyle, you can now enjoy the taste of sea moss with no hassle or worry about maintenance or care. Ultimate sea moss is a revolutionary product which provides the best of both worlds: Health benefits of sea moss and convenience.